Why People-Centric Leadership Works

One of our recent Empire Essential Group meetings focused on different leadership styles. We were discussing the pros of people-centric leadership compared to methods that are more process-driven. We also covered all the things that make the approach so effective. Here’s what we learned about managers who put people first:

  • Better for Adapting to Change: One of the things that stuck with us is how people-centric leaders effectively manage change. This is because they can understand the impact of change on their team members. They’re more forgiving during the learning process than leaders who are strictly results-driven. A greater level of empathy leads to long-term improvements with a dedicated team.
  • More Focus on Open and Direct Communication: With managers who are focused on their teams’ needs, we find more transparency. These are leaders who want their people to be in the know and understand how their roles impact other aspects of the business. We also have recognized a continual effort to seek and include associate input, which can lead to stronger outcomes.
  • Place Priority on Professional Development: Learning is a key part of the Empire Essential Group culture. Our people-centric leaders place a lot of emphasis on coaching and training. This growth-oriented approach goes beyond on-boarding processes and extends to all aspects of Empire Essential Group careers.

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