Use Your Commute Wisely

Instead of viewing your commute as a waste of time, try some of these creative ideas Empire Essential Group team members use to maximize their days. Whether you commute by train, bike, car, or on foot, these are great ways to get the most out of your daily trip:

• Communicate: If your commute is relatively quiet, it’s a great time to schedule networking calls, make social plans, have brainstorming meetings, or just catch up with your mentor. In louder situations, such as when sitting on a train, you can check your email and answer longer missives.

• Get Organized: Save yourself thinking about how you want to handle your work for the day until you get on your commute. Your commute is a great time to not only make your to-do list, but also to think about how you want to handle different work situations that might come up during the ensuing hours. Being prepared makes Empire Essential Group flow smoothly.

• Focus on Learning: If you want to learn more about leadership, practice a second language, or get a deeper understanding of a complex topic, your commute is a great time to do so. Podcasts, apps, and books are available to help you cover any topic in which you’re interested.

Whether you choose to become a master negotiator, keep your inbox empty, or expand your network while you commute, make sure you use the time to your advantage at least a little bit every day.

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