We Do More Than Train: We Prepare and Empower

Training and development are the firm foundation upon which Empire Essential Group is built. We have built a thorough learning program that ensures our brand ambassadors have access to all the information required for success in our industry.

When people join our team, they are given a coach to guide them through every step of their career journey. These mentors started in entry-level roles themselves and have first-hand knowledge of the way our firm operates.

Then, we go beyond basic job training and teach skills that will give our brand experts a competitive advantage. For example, public speaking is a topic we cover in our Empire Essential Group curriculum. It’s a skill that’s crucial in today’s business world, because we all present in public to make connections with consumers or improve relationships with business partners.

Even if a career does not include presentations in the role description, someone who is comfortable addressing an audience will find a way to use this ability to their advantage. The power to pitch an idea effectively, to champion a cause we care about, or to plan an office birthday party all benefit from a mastery of public speaking.

We value the importance of training and are proud of the ways in which we prepare our team members for success, both today and in the future. Our Empire Essential Group Newswirefeed shares more about our commitment to development.