Team Gathers to See Lights at the Zoo

The holiday season is a great time to unleash your inner child and experience the wonder and magic of the season. This is exactly what everyone from Empire Essential Group did for one of their recent team nights. There’s nothing better than walking through a beautifully lit winter wonderland except, perhaps, watching cute animals play in it as well, so our entire team went to see the Zoo Lights.

In addition to seeing the lights and the animals, getting a chance to walk around together and have some laughs as a group, our team went to dinner. This was a fun way to celebrate the holidays and get in the festive spirit. Empire Essential Group’s leaders are passionate about our company team culture, so we focus on regular bonding activities that are designed to bring the group together not only as colleagues but as friends.

Team building isn’t the only way we build our company culture. We also offer training and professional development workshops that allow everyone to cultivate the skills they need to survive in the business world and to grow their careers. We want to empower everyone to reach for their professional dreams and find work they truly enjoy.

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