Spotlight on Excellence: Shaileen

Our people are why Empire Essential Group is a recognized industry leader. We love to share their accomplishments because they make up the backbone of our success and our sustainable future. One standout on our team is Shaileen. Let’s see why she’s an all-star.

“Shaileen is a standard bearer,” said Laura M., our Empire Essential Group CEO. “Every day, she demonstrates the qualities and attitude that it takes to achieve objectives. She’s the eternal optimist who believes anything is possible. A consummate team player, she’s there to provide assistance to her fellow coworkers in any way she can.”

As Laura noted, Shaileen has the makings of a natural leader. “She’s on a forward trajectory to leadership,” Laura said. “In fact, she’s rising faster than any individual in Empire Essential Group’s history. She’s blowing everything away!”

“What’s so impressive about Shaileen is she thinks like an entrepreneur,” Laura continued. “She’s a strong, inspiring person. She gives 100 percent in whatever she does, from work to her family. She’s determined to lead from the front and challenge herself. I know that she’s going to go far personally and professionally because she embraces the opportunities available to her each step of the way. I look forward to seeing where she goes next.”

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