Share the Causes Your Company Supports

Philanthropy is a big part of the company culture at Empire Essential Group, and one of the ways we leverage our ability to give back is by sharing the cause with our network and leveraging their resources as well as our own. Sharing the causes we support has a number of different benefits to our organization, and these are just a few:

• Strengthens Our Brand: We can say that we’re into giving back, but actually doing so is much more valuable. Whenever our team participates in a charitable event, we like to share it with our social networks because we want them to see that we’re more than just talk.

• Helps Our Team Build Skills: Volunteering is a great way to build and test skills. Many Empire Essential Group leaders got their first tastes of organizing projects and running campaigns by working with nonprofits to help them meet their goals.

• Empowers Our Team: Sometimes it’s difficult to see how the role our business plays in the economy makes an impact, so working with a charity allows our team to make a direct, positive difference. Promotional specialists also enjoy working together on fun projects.

Giving back to the community is good for organizations for so many different reasons, and more and more businesses are starting to see the advantages of doing so.

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