Recognizing Two of Our Top Go-Getters, Jake and Taylor

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Empire Essential Group culture. We’re generous with our gratitude and open with our admiration because we know how important feeling appreciated is when it comes to office motivation and morale.

We have many ways of saying thank you, one of which is to use this blog to shine a spotlight on one or more of our talented team members. This month, we wanted to highlight Taylor, a training manager, and Jacob, an account manager.

Taylor attended Fairmont State University for her bachelor’s degree and is currently working toward an MBA from Salem University. Her work ethic and commitment show in her Empire Essential Group career, too – these are the same qualities she used to earn her way to training manager. She’s a reliable team player who plans to gain hands-on marketing experience so that one day she can open her own satellite office.

Jake was a business administration major with a minor in public relations. He is an extremely dedicated individual with a great attitude. He’s fun and always ready to help as well, which makes him welcome on any team he wants to join. He too plans to open a satellite office one day, along with a coffee shop that donates a portion of the profits to charity while also helping to expand Speak Up, Speak Out: Save a Life.

We’re proud to be on the same team as Taylor and Jake, and we know they will achieve all their goals. Learn more about our team members by following Empire Essential Group on Twitter.