Receive These Benefits From Your Company Travel Program

Travel serves several Empire Essential Group purposes, two of the most important being recognition and development. We like to reward our people for exceptional effort, and trips are exciting ways to say,
“Thank you.” Also, the very act of leaving one’s home and venturing into a new area is enlightening, helping people learn such skills as resiliency and patience.

Our favorite types of trips let us combine both these elements, as we did with a recent networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Qualifying team members were invited for a weekend in D-Town, where they got to meet and learn from some of the most accomplished professionals in our industry. There were also seminars and chances to gain practical knowledge with the latest techniques in on-site advertising. This trip provided the best of both appreciation and learning for Chad and Charlene, who earned the right to attend.

There is also a third motive behind our Empire Essential Group commitment to travel – friendship. By getting Chad and Charlene out of the office together we’ve helped them develop a professional connection that will benefit their careers for years to come. Team members who are friends make our office a more collaborative environment too, giving us an edge over organizations that don’t focus on culture.

Our travel program is just one of the perks of being on our team. To learn more about us, follow Empire Essential Group on Twitter.