PRESS RELEASE: Empire Essential Group – A Year of Achievement

COLUMBUS, OH – Team Empire Essential Group celebrated the achievements of the past year of business and looks forward to goals for 2018.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year for Empire Essential Group and it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of the business. “We’ve been open for a year,” shared Laura M., the CEO of the organization. “That meant our holiday party was not only a celebration of the success of our team members, it was also a celebration of surviving and thriving.”

“For me, this really solidifies the theory that nothing is impossible,” continued Laura. “Impossible is just an option, it really means ‘I’m possible’ and I can do anything I put my mind to. Right now, we are building an empire and I couldn’t be prouder of my team.”

“It’s great to get together as a group and celebrate success on so many levels,” enthused Laura. “For myself, this has really been a banner year and a lot of hard work to launch Empire Essential Group, to grow my team, to grow our project base, and to really achieve everything I had hoped for. It’s great to take the time to look back over all that hard work and to truly celebrate how far the company has come. I also like to take the time to thank my team for their dedication, loyalty, and great ideas. Without them, I would never have gotten this far.”

Empire Essential Group Sets Goals for 2018

“As our team looks forward to the new year, we are excited about the prospects for growth and advancement for ourselves professionally as well as for Empire Essential Group as an organization,” continued Laura. “We know that building a business is not a race, it’s a marathon, and our consistent performance is what it will take to continue on the path to success. Our team has the heart that’s needed to drive the growth of a sustainable business.”

“We have worked together as a team, setting and meeting goals. Recently, we sat down and talked about what we wanted to do over the next year. We set objectives for company growth, for team member development, and more community engagement,” shared Laura. “If 2017 saw Empire Essential Group grow from nothing into a sustainable business, 2018 will see our team make it truly thrive. I’m looking forward to meeting the challenges of the coming year with my people by my side.”

About Empire Essential Group:

Empire Essential Group has earned a reputation as a leader in dynamic marketing solutions for the Columbus region. The firm’s team creates potent outreach campaigns that influence buying decisions. The team crafts messages based on key demographic research to personalize brand experiences. Their commitment to ongoing training ensures that they wield the most up-to-date techniques to stay ahead of marketing trends. This team’s superior knowledge is matched only by their passion for getting results. As such, the companies they represent receive a distinct competitive edge. See what they’re up to next at empireessentialgroup.com.