Press Release: Empire Essential Group Trains With Top Leaders at Conference

COLUMBUS, OH – Travel creates exciting growth opportunities for driven professionals. The Empire Essential Group CEO discussed the team’s latest business trip and all the perks it provided.

“Not everyone can say that their career takes them all over the world, opening doors to a wide range of enriching experiences,” said Laura M., the CEO of Empire Essential Group. “We’re fortunate that our work and our industry allows for such possibilities. The latest of our out-of-office excursions was a trip to Dallas, Texas for a quarterly networking conference.”

Laura invited team members to the conference based on their hard work and contributions to Empire Essential Group. These individuals included Nick, Scott, and Katie – all of whom excel in their roles within the company. During the event, they received hands-on training and plenty of chances to meet other professionals in the field.

“I selected Nick for the trip because he is a great leader,” Laura added. “He brings a lot of excitement to the table and really makes the most of his mentorship. Katie is also a strong leader. She sets a good example by being the first person into the office every day. Scott stands out because he has so much energy. He really put it to good use at the conference.”

Empire Essential Group CEO Elaborates on the Value of Conference Attendance

According to Laura, the structured workshops and keynote speeches allowed for extensive learning at the conference. Attendees gained insight into best practices in use all over the country. They discussed goal-setting, hiring, public speaking, and more. In addition to these educational opportunities, the attendees spent their time networking.

“The importance of networking cannot be emphasized enough,” continued Laura. “It’s one of the biggest contributors to the success of Empire Essential Group. By meeting new people and fostering ongoing relationships with them, we build systems of support that benefit us far into the future. As we offer our assistance to our contacts, they return the gestures in the form of guidance, referrals, coaching, and other partnerships.”

“It’s also worth noting that networking with high-level leaders in our industry shows my colleagues how far they can go,” Laura concluded. “They see how big our field is and how many opportunities are available. It’s an inspiring look at the big picture. Now that we’ve settled back into the office, everyone is more focused and innovative. It’s a true testament to the value of these conferences.”

About Empire Essential Group:

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