PRESS RELEASE: Empire Essential Group Looking to Hire Recent College Grads

COLUMBUS, OH – Empire Essential Group is hiring college grads to fill new positions and discussed how hiring has a huge economic benefit to boost the economy.

The team is excited about their recent growth and is ready to hire new college graduates to fill positions. “I can’t wait to see what great new ideas we’ll get on our team,” said Empire Essential Group Director of Operations Laura. “These are new positions we need to fill, which is great, because that means the people we hire can really script their own goals and define success for themselves.”

Working with Empire Essential Group comes with several perks, including an extensive amount of training. New team members are given the skills and coaching to succeed, not only in their direct positions but also to grow as businesspeople and let their careers thrive. Skills taught include networking, public speaking, and leadership – things associates can use in their work with Empire Essential Group as well as on personal projects.

Hiring Recent College Grads to Join Empire Essential Group Boosts Economy

According to Empire Essential Group’s DOO, “Anytime a business decides to hire for a new position, the local economy benefits. Not only is there a direct impact on the government in the form of increased tax income, there is a direct benefit on the local business economy as Empire Essential Group buys printer paper and other supplies the new position needs.”

“Having another successful businessperson provides a benefit to the economy when they take their earnings and put them back into the area through shopping for a car, buying a house, or even making smaller, regular purchases. This economic benefit can be surprisingly substantial, especially if added up over several years.” Laura continued

“Finally, our training program provides another benefit to the local area as our skilled team members often take on additional personal projects that they are passionate about and lead the way to success using the business skills they’ve learned in their time with Empire Essential Group. Our team members often work together to make a positive difference in the local community,” shared Laura. “We believe giving back is important and make it a company priority, but it’s really the passion of our team members that leads the charge.

Recent college grads looking for a great opportunity to start their careers off by developing the key skills they need to succeed in business should apply on the Empire Essential Group website.

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