PRESS RELEASE: Empire Essential Group Leaders Speak at National Conference

COLUMBUS, OH – Hand-selected Empire Essential Group associates will be attending a conference in Dallas, Texas. The firm’s assistant director will be a guest speaker, as will the company’s President, who also shared public speaking tips.

“Our travel program is tangible evidence of our commitment to helping team members achieve their personal and professional potential,” stated Laura M., President of Empire Essential Group. “At the upcoming Dallas trip, for instance, attendees will get hands-on training opportunities, the chance to network with professionals from across North America, and listen to speakers specially chosen for their expertise. We view travel as an extension of our comprehensive training program because trips offer the chance to apply the lessons we teach on subjects like success, networking, and public speaking.”

In fact, two of Empire Essential Group’s top managers will be speaking at the upcoming conference. The firm’s assistant director will be sharing the story of his career journey thus far, and where he sees himself in the future. He’s the next in line for a promotion to operate his own satellite office in a totally new market, so Laura looks forward to hearing his thoughts on how that will go.

“I will also have the honor of speaking at this massive event, where I will talk about the importance of having a business owner mentality,” Laura stated. “I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that thinking like an entrepreneur has the power to revolutionize someone’s career, and I’m really looking forward to sharing that message with the people who will be in Dallas that weekend.”

Empire Essential Group’s President Highlights the Power of Recognition

Another benefit of speaking in Dallas is that Laura will have the chance to share her enthusiasm for the future of Empire Essential Group. She is proud of all that her team has accomplished so far, and is confident that even more of her brand ambassadors will be promoted to leadership positions and have the chance to speak on stage at national conferences.

“Obviously, addressing peers at a large event is a huge milestone for anyone, and I’m happy for our assistant director,” Laura declared. “We don’t wait until big events like this to show our appreciation for each other, though. We celebrate the small victories with each other as well, both personal and professional. When one of us wins, we all do, and that’s another reason speaking in Dallas is such a big deal: being on stage is a testament to the talent and ambition of everyone in the Empire Essential Group organization. I wouldn’t be up there if I wasn’t part of such an amazing team.”

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