Networking and Travel Opportunities Come Standard

Our Empire Essential Group travel program is an important part of our operations. Trips are often rewards, but at the same time they provide chances to learn about the latest techniques in our field, along with something else we consider to be vital to success − networking.

“Our company puts a lot of emphasis on networking,” shared Empire Essential Group’s CEO, Laura. “A strong professional network offers a stepping stone to unlimited career growth, and that’s exactly what we want our brand ambassadors to enjoy.”

“This is one of the big reasons why we invest so much in travel,” Laura explained. “It comes with the prospect of meeting influential business leaders. Our people attend retreats, industry functions, and local events that allow them to gain knowledge and expand their connections. This facilitates development and confidence.”

Along with the chance to meet new people, travel helps us get to know our colleagues better. By spending time with one another outside work, we develop lasting bonds that enhance camaraderie in the office. We’re more than just coworkers; we’re friends too, and that spirit of unity makes a positive impact on the quality of our teamwork.

Business travel is just one of the many benefits we offer to those brand ambassadors who master our methodology. Find out where our top producers are heading next by following Empire Essential Group on Twitter.