Networking and Learning From Others

Recently, our Empire Essential Group team had the opportunity to travel to Louisville, Kentucky to network with industry peers. We work hard to create a supportive team environment. This means that everyone feels they have the ability to grow. One of the ways we do that is to offer professional development events and opportunities for team members to interact with other professionals.

Heading to Kentucky offered our crew a chance to see how another office in a different territory handled campaigns. They were also able to exchange knowledge about the industry. “We got a chance to work with people who have similar aspirations and are on a similar path,” shared Laura M., a team member at Empire Essential Group. “We were inspired by the industry leaders we met who have already achieved the goals we are currently working toward.”

While each individual team member is responsible for their own professional success, they do so with the support of their team and other colleagues in the industry who offer advice and opportunities to help them reach their full potential. The sense of camaraderie really inspires team members to reach for the success they can clearly see is achievable with hard work, study, and dedication.

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