Giving Back to Your Community

Our team at Empire Essential Group feels strongly that it’s our responsibility to give back to our community and our world. With this in mind, we have made giving back a central tenant in our corporate philosophy. When we give back to and participate in lots of different events, we’ve found that there are numerous benefits to our firm that go beyond just feeling like we’ve done the right thing. Here are just a handful of the advantages we see:

• Team Building: What better way to do team-building activities than bring everyone together to support a cause about which they care? When we all choose and participate in an event, it not only brings our people closer, it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

• Recruiting: More and more people, especially millennials, want to work for firms that are positive parts of the business ecosystem. While giving back is just one piece of that puzzle, it shows that we want to make a difference and it helps us attract top talent to Empire Essential Group.

• Better Business: While they are longer-term goals, educating and helping those around us in turn leads to more opportunities for business in the future. When businesses and teams work together to a make a change, then everyone benefits.

Our team participates in numerous philanthropic events throughout the year. Join the Empire Essential Group community on Twitter to learn about our different activities and even have a chance to participate.