We Empower Our Team Members Through Education

We cultivate a growth mind-set at our firm by creating learning opportunities for our team. For example, Laura, Empire Essential Group’s CEO, is currently running a workshop on the importance of professionalism. She will be teaching new team members the basics of dressing for success, with how-to training on such necessities as tying a tie. There will also be someone offering professional beauty tips.

“Proper business attire is important for all professionals because it presents a visual image of your personal brand,” stated Laura. “The way we dress should send the message ‘This person is sharp and smart.’ Not only will people treat you this way, but every time you look in the mirror you’ll think of yourself that way too, and act accordingly.”

Laura also pointed out that she wants Empire Essential Group represented responsibly as well, making executive presence doubly important for her team members. “I want our image to the public to be honest, and honestly we are an incredibly smart and talented group of people that can accomplish anything we put our minds to. That’s the look I want us to achieve.”

Learning how to dress like a pro is a skill that everyone needs to know for a successful career. Seminars like this are just one of the ways we ensure our brand ambassadors have every advantage. Find out more about our commitment to learning by following Empire Essential Group on Twitter.