Our Company Thrives From Individual Training

Building a workplace environment that is both empowering and inspiring is one of our top Empire Essential Group priorities. We want our team members to feel completely prepared and eager for the rewards that a career in our industry can bring.

One of our best tools for creating a culture of success is our thorough approach to training. “Hands-on experience and one-on-one coaching are at the crux of our team-based approach to learning,” stated Laura, Empire Essential Group’s CEO. “We pair our incoming brand analysts with top-notch managers for effective knowledge transfer.”

“These leaders have proven themselves by working their way from entry-level positions into executive roles,” Laura continued. “They know exactly how to guide new hires on their way to becoming professionals who deliver outstanding results. Each trainee benefits from guidance and practical know-how. From there, they can begin reaching the levels of success to which they aspire.”

Along with the tailored learning, we immerse trainees into ongoing campaigns and give them a chance to work with a few different teams. This gives new people a feel for the unique markets in which we work. Collaboration is the lifeblood of our company, and by working on several projects our team members develop contacts with peers throughout the firm.

By setting our people up for success, we thrive as a company. Find out more about how we train professionals by following Empire Essential Group on Facebook.