Comfortable Settings Lead to Better Team Engagement

A strong company culture sets the foundation for long-term success for any firm. Within our Empire Essential Group HQ, we take having a positive and uplifting workplace very seriously. We know that when our people are happy working with each other, it extends to their interactions with customers and the brands we represent. So, it’s quite common around here to see our team members engaging in after-hours fun.

Team nights are among our favorite activities in which we build camaraderie. There’s always plenty of laughter to go around when we gather someplace outside of the office and just relax. Sometimes it’s a nice dinner at a favorite eatery in town. Other times, we might challenge each other to a game of bowling or another sport. We try to make each of these events something everyone can enjoy, even adding a touch of friendly competition in for good measure.

Our most recent activity was quite literally ablaze with excitement. On Labor Day, we gathered around a bonfire where we toasted marshmallows for s’mores and enjoyed the great outdoors together, away from the hustle and bustle of our city. Our team members shared stories about their experiences with Empire Essential Group, from lessons we’ve learned to how we’ve succeeded as individuals and together. There were plenty of comical insights that led to great laughs and everyone left the campfire feeling like they knew just a little bit more about the people with whom they work each day.

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